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 Events endorsed by SIGUL

  • Zero Resource Speech Challenge 2019 (Graz, Austria, 17/09/2019), organized as an Interspeech 2019 Special Session
  • Developmental Language Datasets and Tools Match-Up Bootcamp (Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 22–24/05/2019)
  • Digital Revolution for Under-resourced Languages in Asia (Nara, Japan, 19-20/02/2019)

1 Conference on Science and Technology of Spoken Language Processing.
2 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference.
3 Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages.
4 Collaboration and Computing for Under-Resourced Languages.
5 African Language Technology.
6 Spoken Language Technologies for Under-resourced Languages.
7 Less-Resourced Languages.
8 Language & Technology Conference.